Session 10C

What Makes an Effective Data Strategy

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A data strategy is a top mandate and priority for data and analytics leaders. The goal of a data strategy is to prioritize the data scope and resources on the data that matters most to drive business insights and outcomes. Building a data strategy or revisiting an existing data strategy is made even more important to respond to changes driven the pandemic plus the growing trend to a “cloud first” IT strategy.

But what makes for an effective data strategy? How to ensure business sponsorship of the data strategy?

In this session Maria Villar will share best practices in driving a business outcome data strategy. Key topics that will be covered:

  1. What is a business outcome data strategy and how is it different from a typical data strategy
  2. How to read your companies’ annual report for ‘data rich’ business outcomes
  3. How to ensure your data strategy does not have a ‘data bias’
  4. What are the 10 data strategy considerations that should be included in a data strategy
  5. What are special strategy considerations for managing data in the cloud


Maria Villar

Head of Enterprise Data Strategy & Transformation at SAP/Board Member, isCDO



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