Session 15C

Transformation of CDO Leadership role from Academics to Pragmatics using DQ HUB as a platform

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A hierarchical approach to define data, language and business needs is discussed as a methodology to assist the CDO in his role to manage and govern the high volumes of structured and unstructured data hosted in systems and technology for measured and monetized benefit of the business stakeholders. This structured understanding of data allows a bridge to language that will enable data quality standards such as ISO 8000 for the cleaning, standardization and exchange of data between digital systems and business enterprises. A Data Quality HUB supported by applied augmented algorithms and machine learning on extracted data is utilized to perform Governed Master Data Management and execution of hosted web services.


Salomon De Jager

CEO, PiLog Group

Imad Syed

CIO, PiLog Group

Wynand Nortje

CTO, PiLog Group


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