Session 15D

Realization of the Data Strategy through Metrics and Reporting

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LSEG is a worldwide leader in financial markets and infrastructure, and a data provider trusted by our customers, and global markets. Our products and services are critical to the successful operations of the markets and of the businesses of our customers. To accomplish our goals, we must continually manage and measure our group data strategy progress.
In measuring the group data strategy, we have created a best in class program with four pillars: policy, data professionals, succinct processes, and tools. Our goal is to leverage our program to provide business value and impact to our stakeholders and ultimately, our customers and the markets to ensure there is transparency through robust reporting and metrics
The discussion will illustrate the primary drivers of the data program, its timeline, accomplishments, challenges, organization, and the upcoming program view. There will be an opportunity for questions, answers, and open dialogue to further discuss the program.


tom dunlap

Group Chief Data Officer, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, LSE Group

Diane Schmidt

Global Director, Data Governance and Business Process, LSE Group


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