Session 16A

How to get back the $300B worth of data left untapped each year

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How can you safely monetize your most sensitive data assets and create new revenue streams? How do you balance the reputational damage associated with a breach, while at the same time giving your analysts and data scientists the freedom for unrestricted data exploration? And how can companies competing in the same market collaborate and share sensitive data and generate actionable intelligence while guaranteeing the privacy of the underlying data?

In effect – how do you make data a true asset instead of a potential liability?

The answer lies in an emerging technology called confidential computing, which is already being applied as an enterprise SaaS solution in the form of data clean rooms. The applications for this emerging technology are present in any industry that utilizes sensitive data. For example, B2C companies can fully leverage PII data to better understand consumer behavior and better align product and service offerings. Financial services organizations can safely use sensitive data to interdict fraud and money laundering. Insurance companies can better assess risk and realign premiums around real world exposure.

This presentation will incorporate the real-world experience of customers who have deployed solutions, including special guest speaker Richard C. Schaeffer, Jr., a former Senior Executive with the National Security Agency. Richard will also discuss the imperative and approaches for protecting sensitive data in light of recent security breaches and ongoing threats to both national security and consumer privacy.


Richard Schaeffer, Jr.

FMR. Sr. Executive, National Security Agency (NSA)

Maximilian Groth

Co-Founder & CEO, Decentriq


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