Session 16B

Driving Business Outcomes with Data Transformation

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How do you align the data strategy with the business strategy?  What are the key ingredients for driving business impact via data transformation?  In this presentation, we’ll discuss prioritization frameworks that we’ve used to successfully align business strategy and data strategy.  Fortune 100 giants are littered with costly data programs that could not deliver upon the business objectives of the C-suite; project interaction models must become more agile and iterative to meet the growing gaps between business and technical knowledge workers.  We’ll share some strategies for success in this regard and talk about the impact those drove.

Additionally, the very definition and measures of success for a Fortune 100 giant attempting an enterprise-scale data transformation are very different from those of a small Silicon Valley startup that can “instrument everything” inside an app or a website from the beginning.  The data and analytics journey must often first begin with an actual instrumentation strategy – one that iteratively begins to harvest signals over the duration of its transformation.  We’ll share some of the instrumentation strategies we’ve used at our respective organizations over the last several years and talk about how those drove alignment across our organizations.

Finally, the biggest predictor of success on a data journey might actually have more to do with an organization’s talent and change management strategy than the actual enabling technology behind the transformation.  We’ll discuss the role talent plays in data transformation and the talent strategies we’ve used to drive impact inside our organizations.


AMy Gershkoff Bolles

Chief Operating Officer, Tradesy

ken priyadarshi

Global Technology Platform Lead, EY


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