Session 16D

Trusted AI: Data Executives are Building an Ethical Foundation for Artificial Intelligence

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Data executives have tremendous opportunity to actively leverage AI, now on a fast-track due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AI-driven insights, assets and new business models collapse without a trusted foundation of control and ethical use. The question becomes, how do you monitor and govern advanced AI solutions to ensure they lead to ethically appropriate decisions? It appears, AI to catch AI is the most realistic key to this ever-expanding dilemma.

The acceleration and accessibility of AI solutions in the marketplace are moving organizations forward yet require a deliberate emphasis on governance. In the recent past, AI governance was more akin to parenting a kindergartner; today, governing AI is more like the complexities of parenting a college student.

KPMG conducted a survey of data executives to understand the importance of AI governance and control in their organizations. Among other survey outcomes, the results highlight that risks begin before learned behaviors in AI models; often, risk starts with inherent design bias present in the models themselves.

During this 40-minute presentation, we will explore the opportunities, risks and paths forward for the modern data executive’s harnessing and control of AI.


Dr. Sreekar Krishna

Principal, AI and Enterprise Innovation, Adjunct Faculty ASU

Allyson Alston

Managing Director, Digital Lighthouse, Financial Services

Bob Parr

Principal & Chief Data Officer, US Advisory


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