Session 3C

Tribute to Larry English: The Father of Information Quality

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Since the last MIT CDOIQ Symposium, the data management profession lost a legendary thought leader and much-respected practitioner, Larry English. Larry was a uniquely successful and transformational pioneer who either consulted to or inspired many of us. Often referred to as the “Father of Information Quality,” Larry was one of the most well-known and oft-quoted authorities in data management and data quality. He developed the Total Information Quality (TIQM) system by adapting proven quality concepts from Deming, Kaizen, Juran, Shewhart, Ishikawa, Crosby, Baldrige, and Six Sigma. In this session, Doug Laney will highlight what was Larry’s greatest contribution–the adaptation of Deming’s 14 quality principles to information quality. And of course everyone will be welcome to share their memories of Larry as well.


Douglas Laney

Symposium Co-Director
Data & Analytics Strategy Innovation Fellow, West Monroe


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